Message from our
Chair of the Board

The Power of Curiosity

Curiosity fuels the imagination and propels even the youngest among us towards learning, opportunity and growth.  Without curiosity there is no innovation.  Curiosity is often sparked with one simple question: “Why?” 

It’s a question that as children we ask frequently, not to challenge authority but to fully understand the world around us. 

As adults we sometimes forget to be curious, to ask questions and to challenge our fixed mindset.  Business requires curiosity. It’s what takes us out of our comfort zone and fuels innovation.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Board of Directors plays a critical role in asking management this simple but profound question.  It provides insights, oversight and stewardship to the Foundation’s strategic direction and the growth of its mission. 

This year we asked ourselves ‘Why?’ several times and in several ways.  We spoke with CST families to understand why they work so hard to save for their child’s education, and we spoke to Canadians who didn’t make that same commitment, to understand their why.  We spoke with leaders, employees, everyday Canadians, students, grandparents and parents.

We learned every Canadian believes in the power that a quality education can bring but that in a world of increasing complexity and technology, how we are empowered to achieve this goal, at least financially, can be vastly different. 

Ultimately, Canadians confirmed that in this ever-changing world we need to continually seek innovation and inspiration to thrive as a Foundation so that we can lead the way in creating a better start, a better life and a better future.

So, we are at the end of the beginning of our digital transformation; and now we start making innovation a way of life and business, especially in the way we connect with Canadian families.  We want to reach every family in Canada whether they live in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto or in rural Saskatchewan or Nunavut.  Whether they want a trusted CST representative to come to their home or prefer to go online at their own pace to start their education savings journey in a safe and secure way.  In 2019, Canadians across the country were finally given the choice when we launched CST Spark, our new innovative and digital RESP.

The board also believes that achieving long-term growth goes beyond revenue and sales growth through our education savings products, and that CST has an important role to play as champions and ambassadors for one of the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals: access to a quality education for all.  Throughout our almost 60-year history, we’ve operated under a ‘dual-purpose playbook’ – a business orientation to deliver innovative education savings products with exemplary performance, advice, and service, and a social mission to fulfill our not-for-profit mandate.

To mark our 60th Anniversary in 2021 CST will launch several community-based and national initiatives that validate our strong commitment to not only creating a better start for families, but also a better life, a better future and better world.

On behalf-of the entire board, I would like to thank Sherry MacDonald and her leadership team for their continued dedication to CST’s customers, associates and communities and their unwavering commitment to helping all Canadian families gain access to a post-secondary education.



Dr. David R. Lewis Chair of the Board Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

Dr. David R. Lewis
"CST has an important role to play as champions and ambassadors for one of the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals: access to a quality education for all. "