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Who we are

Group of Students The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation has been committed to helping families reach their post-secondary education goals for 57 years. Our families come from all walks of life and from all around the world in search of one common goal: to provide their children opportunity through a post-secondary education. Whether that means university, college, CEGEP, trade school, online learning or any of the other form of higher learning, we believe every child can pursue their dream.

“It’s been said, education is the most powerful weapon in the world, and the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation has empowered me to make a difference.” Veronica Torres

Today, we work with over 250,500 families all across the country from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island. We focus on supporting the education savings goals of parents through our Registered Education Savings Plan program (Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans), rewarding hard-working and community minded students through our scholarships, bursaries and awards programs and encouraging children to find the right path to their dreams by discovery and engagement.

“I didn’t come out of school with mountains of debt.  I’m very thankful that my parents took the time to save all that money and make that a priority so I could go to school.” Raquel Poley,  CST Consultants beneficiary and Gladys Neale Award recipient.

This year alone we helped over 45,000 students access some form of post-secondary education distributing $166 million in payments (including Education Assistance Payments, grants and sales charge refunds).

"We need to go and learn from people and to hear their hopes, their dreams, their needs and create ways to leverage that multiplicity of perspectives to achieve meaningful change, not just in their communities, but right here in Canada as well."
Ruth Lebel-Almaw
Ruth Lebel-Almaw
Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan beneficiary, and recipient of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, Elizabeth B. Wright Award