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The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation has a clear vision, helping all Canadians plan to make post-secondary education possible. For some families, accessing post-secondary education isn’t so easy. There are an estimated 1.9 million1 low-income children in Canada that are eligible for the Canada Learning Bond with millions of dollars in grants available from the federal government to access a post-secondary education. From poverty to parental education and financial literacy, to cultural and social barriers, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation is focused on working with communities to bring the resources, expertise and knowledge they need to empower all Canadians with the gift of education.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation joined forces with MusiCounts to present the second annual MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Award (MIMAA) at the Juno Awards in Vancouver, British Columbia. Through this  Award, the Foundation provided $50,000 in funding to the charity’s Band Aid Program. The winner of the award was legendary musician and education ambassador, Jim Cuddy. In honour of the recipient, the CST Foundation provided three schools in remote areas of Canada  $10,000 each in musical instruments for their music education program.


Community Relations

In 2018, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation helped provide $200,000 in funding to support community initiatives. We support a wide variety of communities and community organizations across the country. From city centres to rural and northern townships our programs include a wide range of financial, human and creative resources that include present and past partnerships with organization such as MusiCounts, Habitat for Humanity, Career Trek and celebrity ambassadors such as Commander Chris Hadfield and Olympians Christine Sinclair and Jon Montgomery through our Inspired Minds program. Throughout the years the Foundation has helped:

  • Enhance the technology programs for 20 schools
  • Fund 8 school music programs and a children’s choir
  • Create a Canada Learning Bond sign up program for Northern and rural communities in Manitoba
  • Build 9 housing complexes for low-income families in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Bring science workshops to 109 schools
  • Build 5 school playgrounds
  • Implement 2 healthy eating programs
  • Restock a School library
  • Create a toy and mobile library
  • Bring virtual field trips to thousands of students across the country
  • Fund 4 camps for children with illness/special needs
  • Fund 2 literacy programs
  • Launch agricultural and farming education programs at 3 schools
  • Kick-start 2 companies that teach children to read and create
  • Fund the development of 5 conservation education programs
  • Create a bike repair co-op and training program for under-privileged youth
1Source: Canada Education Savings Program: Annual Statistical Review 2018 (Ottawa: Employment and Social Development Canada, 2018).